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  • Is your plan in danger of inviting a DOL audit?
  • Were you hit with extra fees because of Regulation 404(a)(5)?
  • Has your investment sponsor or insurance carrier been downgraded?
  • Is your ERISA fidelity bond adequate?
  • Does your current provider offer fiduciary assurances on your investment lineup?
  • Is your IPS (Investment Policy Statement) up-to-date?

We can reduce your fiduciary liability with our exclusive Fiduciary Standards Warranty! Our warranty protects you and your employees. We will bear the reasonable cost—including attorney fees—of depending on a claim that is subject to our warranty.

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At NO COST to you, we'll review your...

  • IPS
  • TPA Cost
  • ERISA Bond
  • Net Asset Cost
  • Corrective Distribution Risk